Coaching met horses

Equine Assisted Coaching with the aid of a horse and a coach carried out by means of an appropriate activity. The session takes place on the ground beside the horse. You do not need any experience with horses.

Possibilities include:

  • Group sessions for companies, team building.
  • Personal, individual sessions.
  • Coaching Pathways (consisting of multiple sessions)
  • Coaching children individually or in groups.
  • Combined coaching / workshops (possibly introduced themes).

Coaching with horses, ponies or donkeys will be held on a beautiful farm in the rural and wooded area of the village of Soest.

During and after the session (s) in which you participate, you often get a surprising look at yourself and the life you lead. Through personal knowledge obtained through the experiences during the session (s) you deepen and enrich your work both with regard yourself as a group.

Objective: To raise awareness and understanding have come up in their own behavior and actions, solutions, self-confidence, overcome fear, set boundaries, find balance, release, better collaboration, easier communication, leadership propagate, so you and your potential team positive and decisive in life stand.

It is possible for riders to combine coaching with instruction to bring rider and horse to a better harmony, balance and co-operation in the combination.

Also possible to combine coaching with other activities on the Detzkyhoeve in Soest For example: workshops, team events and business / children's festivals. see website 

Coaching or instruction and also own location possible.